Beginners Courses

Learn to windsurf in the calm and shallow waters of Poole Harbour with H2O Sports Windsurfing School. For complete beginners we offer a three hour taster lesson for £40 or a complete learn to windsurf course (2X three Hours, in one day or split over two days) for £70. To book your session call Ben on 07928 538 632.

Poole Harbour is an amazing place to learn to windsurf! The water is shallow so it is very safe and it makes getting on and off the board very easy. You will never go out of your depth on your lesson and we provide you with a Wetsuit which keeps you warm on the water and a Buoyancy Aid to keep you safe and sound.

Our modern kit makes learning to windsurf really enjoyable. The boards are big and stable for balance and the sails are lighter to pull out of the water, making the whole experience much easier than it used to be. We even have Inflatable sails to make getting going even easier, you won’t find these anywhere else!

“We guarantee we will get you up and windsurfing by the end of your lesson! All you need is a ‘go for it’ attitude and the will to have some fun” – Jay – H2O Windsurfing”

Part A Taster Session

Your Beginner windsurfing lessons at H2O Windsurfing School in Poole Harbour will result in you being able to go out on the water and set off on your own, confident that you have the skills and knowledge to navigate your way around and return to where you started. The Beginner Windsurfing Taster Session is priced at £40 per person and is focused on getting you sailing and giving you a great feel for the sport, this will include the following skills:

  • Wind awareness
  • Names of the kit components
  • Essential windsurfing jargon
  • Balancing skills
  • Pulling the sail up into a ‘secure position’
  • Sailing position to get going
  • The Static Turn (a basic way to turn around)

By the end of your session, you will be able to get up on the board, begin windsurfing in both directions and turning around on the board. We even start to introduce elements of the next session with an introduction to steering the board. To book your session call Ben on 07928 538 632.

Part B

For the Full Beginners Windsurfing Course, we go into more depth and teach some essential techniques that you will hold with you whenever you windsurf. During a complete course at H2O Windsurfing School, we will cover a the skills required to make you an independant sailor. We start by making sure the basics from the Taster Session are solid, then jump into a complete demonstration of how steering works and which directions you can and can’t sail. We discuss sailing towards the wind and away from it and introduce two new ways of turning around, the ‘Tack’ and the ‘Gybe’. The focus of this Session is to give you all the skills needed to sail to and from any point on the water you wish. A prerequisite to getting out there by yourself.

  • Steering whilst sailing
  • Sailing towards the wind (upwind)
  • Sailing away from the wind (downwind)
  • 2 types of turns – tacks and gybes
  • How to get yourself out of trouble


Once you have achieved all of these skills, you will then be able to hire equipment at H2O Windsurfing School, you can hire hourly or take advantage of our Hire Card. The emphasis on our beginner lessons is to create a relaxed, informal learning environment so that your first experience of windsurfing is fun whilst learning all the basics. Tuition is highly personalised to suit your learning style and help is always on hand, once you’ve completed the course, we are always on hand with advice to help you get the most out of your session. Everyone that has had beginner windsurfing lessons with H2O Windsurfing School in Poole Harbour has said that they will definitely do it again, and many actively continue to windsurf, building and developing their skills. You can come to us for a complete Beginners Windsurfing Course for £80, or if you’ve already completed a taster session or had a bit of practice yourself you can jump on a Part B for just £40. To book your session call Ben on 07928 538 632.

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