Intermediate Group Lessons

H2O Windsurfing School Intermediate Lessons in Poole Harbour take off from when you’ve finished your complete six hour beginners course and had some practice time (normally 6-10 hours windsurf hire) Our Intermediate Windsurfing Lessons run in two hour blocks and aim to get you from where you left off to planing in the foot straps and harnesses. The fun part and exciting part of windsurfing blasting around at 30 plus mph!

Our Intermediate Lessons are far more personalised that the beginners course, we run these lessons in smaller groups normally only 2-4 in any lessons allowing the instructor more contact time with you to develop your skills. Depending on what you want to learn, we do our best to arrange sessions for when we have appropriate weather conditions to maximise your attainment. We strongly advise getting practice time between sessions and we are, of course, always on hand to provide reminders or pointers to help you along. Intermediate Lessons from H2O Windsurfing School are priced at £40 per person.

We like to focus on getting you sailing at speed or ‘planing’ but there are loads of different skills we can focus on in your Intermediate Windsurfing Lesson at Poole Harbour, below is a shortlist of skills we can help you master, there’s plenty to learn and if there’s something specific you want to cover just ask! We recommend finding a buddy of similar skill level so you can progress together, friendly competition is a great motivator!

  • Faster Tacking
  • Better Gybing
  • Stronger Wind Sailing
  • Introduction of Harness & Straps
  • Planning Techniques
  • BeachStarting
  • WaterStarting

Once things start to speed up, windsurfing really comes to life! It’s an extremely exciting time when you are just starting to get planning and we love being a part of it, just be warned, once you’ve got a taste for it, you will want more! To book your session call Ben on 07928 538 632.

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